Procs-IT is specialized in solving impossible problems and delivering high quality IT solutions.

For technical solutions:

  • You have old software, of which no source code and / or no documentation is available.
  • You can't find anyone with the right expertise.
  • You want to convert code from gw basic, ms access, classic asp, turbo pascal, delphi, c, c++, vb6, progress, etc. to .net core.

For security reasons:

  • You are afraid of being hacked (you should be).
  • You want to upgrade security.

For advice:

  • You want to purchase new software, or upgrade / rewrite existing software.
  • You can get a cup of coffee while waiting for the results of a report.
  • You've lost faith in IT.
Then you've come to the right place. Procs-IT offers a variety of services that can help you and restore faith in IT.

Please leave a message on the contact page if you want to contact me.